Wisepicks For 7 January

Felicia Holmes


The mind of 
a habitual liar 
mutates to believe 
their own lies.


Jodie Morrison 


The pathological liar 
will always believe 
their own lies.


Mary Kirkpatrick


When you play 
truth or consequence,
You act upon 
your own cognizance.  


Karl Edwards


Be careful of the reality 
that you tell yourself.


Warren Brock


The End At The Beginning.
The cyclical nature 
of everything.  


Sherry Greene


His lies are 
so deeply imbedded 
in his head 
that he’s convinced himself 
that it’s the truth.


Arlene Larocque Jones 


No one really ever “nose” 
what goes on in the minds 
of others




The lies you tell, 
will in your mind 
take root as you deceive. 
One day or another, 
you shall reap the fruit and receive.


Lori Ann Cieslinski 


The lies we tell ourselves, 
are the most destructive.


Melissa Mendez 


The more you lie, 
the more tangled your brain is.


Linda Mansolf


Oh what a tangled web 
the mind becomes 
as the lies continue


Aniket Ghatnekar


The real Pinocchio 
lies to himself


Tami Rose-Applegarth
When your thoughts stink


Asmiya S


One-day your 
all lies will lie back.


Sulekha Pande 


The lies that we 
tell ourselves.

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