Wisepicks For 7 February

Lynne Kathleen Gilchrist

It was right about here! 
My affair with words began..
of course I faced the dark..
but it somehow enlightened me


Justin Maxson


The deeper you look 
the darker it gets


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Travel and wander 
into other worlds 
within the pages 
of your books.


Jeanie Elizabeth


Words can encourage or inflame. 
Be the inspiration.


Kaitlyn Eliason


She took one step, 
and then another
Soon enough she was lost 
within its pages.


Angelic Mendiola


The road to knowledge is narrow
but once we embark on it.
We are enlightened
opens up a wide world 
of opportunities 
and endless ideas 


Lindsay Davis


Not meant to be a flower 
pressed between two pages, 
into the darkness I walk.


April Yeager


I’m thrusting open 
the book of life. 
Let my pathway to knowledge 
be my light.


Michel Louise Bajo


Scanning through 
the pages of a book 
lead us to unknown adventures.


Liz Roman


As I embark in this journey, 
My life story started to unfold 
and I can’t foresee the future. 
As far as it may seem, 
I will continue this path 
because one day my story 
will be told.


Sherry Greene


Somewhere within the pages 
of the book of life,
I will find my story.


Jackie De Klerk


Walking in the maze 
that a good book creates,
might give you direction 
to the solutions
 to your inferior problems.


Annelie Groenewald


Disappear into the pages 
of my favorite book.


Annette Angela


She found herself lost 
between the chapters 
of then and now


Wilma Wiese


Between the covers of a book,
I found my soul


Patricia Mathieu


The depth of reading 
is endless


Frances McCabe 


A good book can take you
 to another place in time..
If only for a while


Winfred Nuna Mottey


Study the word 
to enlighten 
our darken paths.


Koreena Cartagena Kinzer


The depths of knowledge 
is the beginning of wisdom.


Asmiya S


I find the way in my darkness 
through books.


Sulekha Pande


The journey to knowledge,
is long, arduous and lonely.

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