Wisepicks For 7 December

Anna Barcelon

Connection is sought
by a weary mind,
but all the more
it gets dry online ,
because happiness
is lived offline


Ssareeta Singh

tingling touch,
Virtual or real,
Can be life long clucht,
So please don’t judge!



Arlene Larocque Jones

Empty connections are plenty
A connection full of
heart is an art
Reach out and
touch their soul
It’s an experience
that will make you whole


Rinku Shah

And when these
two connected…
Everything turned Virtual,
Goodbye to the Real.
Things changed
beyond the expected!



Mary Kirkpatrick

Poke warriors have
nothing better to do,
When they keep
pointing a finger at you.
Creating amusement
when you poke too.


Sheila Cotterall

Unless you are a plasterer,
with skills fit to repair,
Poke not the blank
and crumbling walls
of others in despair!
When you can read
between the lines of
words with no expression?
You’ll find better ways
to show you care,
cemented with compassion.


This touch of technology
is the advent of fathoming
the divinity in the age of modernity…


Shilpika Bagh

The cursor of curiosity
connecting with reality .


Marianne A.

Songcuan virtual and real
they should be aligned together
for connection really matters
it should always be sincere
whether it is virtual or real


Vibhavari Bhushan

Not touch but vibes
should be felt
When distant
For magical connection..
Then bonding with
strangers even
Would be fulfilling
without expectation..


Mai Quesada

The sense of touch . .
the most powerful
force of the human spirit.
It implies a silent communication
of love and compassion!
It’s a gesture of connection!


Emmy Minihan

Put down the phone
and open your.
Eyes to the people
and world around you.
amazing things will happen
right before your eyes!


Lisa Moir

We’ve reached a new reality,
virtually making
the impossible possible


Anand Singh Josh

When the whole world
says give up,
There is no one to turn up,
We have to push ourself,
Need to bond with thyself,
& Then hope whispers
try it one more time…


Shilpika Bagh

A healing hand
is the need but
all we see is a cursor
on the screen ;
are we connecting right;
it’s about saving a life
and not just browsing a site.

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