Wisepicks For 6 September

Wisepicks For 6 September

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 6 September

Debra Pry


Life is like an echo.
What you give, 
you get back.  


Donna Bayer


What you speak is 
what comes back to you.


Sulekha Pande 


What we say to ourselves,
matters the most,
be kind to yourself
first and foremost.




The love that we wish 
to see and sprout,
Let it come from the inside out.
Let it bloom from the core.
Without any doubt,
We can say that it shall 
never run out.  


Rinku Shah


Don’t wait
Till it’s too late.
You deserve the love you give,
Loving oneself 
is the best way to live!


Rinku Shah


Love yourself 
like someone you adore
There’s no one 
who can love you more 


Himank Anju


Give love 
it will come back to you


Richard Kunesky 


Self love is all 
one needs

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