Wisepicks For 6 October

Karl Edwards


Peace has the power 
to set you free.


Sulekha Pande


You set your own limitations, 
you build your own prison,
your destiny is in your hands,
snip the barbed wires, fly out, 
give your life a new mission.


Anna Maestas 


Human peace 
can break boundaries


Faith Dunsmuir


Only I can set myself free 
from the barriers
that surround me.
Only I can set myself free 
in order to be the person 
I know I can be.  


Role Brookxz


Peace breaks all walls


Marie Worthy 


Power to Break Free 
is in your Hands.


Felicia Holmes


When I became strong enough
to change me,
I finally knew what it was 
to be free. 


Robin McNellis


The power to free yourself 
from boundaries that limit you 
lies in your own hands.  


Caren Noxon Tritten


Cut the barbs of your past 
or they will prevent your future.  


Asmiya S


We need to cut the hindrance 
to experience the independence.


Mark Wynwood


You have the power 
to cut your bonds


Debbie Leibold


You hold the power to cut yourself free 
from the prison of self-doubt 
you have created within your mind.


Jigs Ige Atienza


Absolute freedom 
is to live in peace.


Cathy Lovas


V for Victory 
over barbed restraints. 
I found my power.

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