Wisepicks For 6 March

David Trousdale

Your greatest opponent
will always be yourself.


Debra Pry


We are all fighting a battle,
Within ourselves.


Rinku Shah


The battle: Black or White;
Between the wrong and right.
I trust my wisdom,
It has let me down seldom!


Felicia Holmes


The war with duality
can only cease,
when you find a
way to live in peace.


Äñîtå Sãhóø


Indecisive mind,
rather than locking horns,
with all the pros & the cons,
why don’t you learn to
embrace it as a whole?


Jill Chua


The battle of the good and bad.
The stronger is the
one you feed the most!


Chinhita Bose


Battles fought in the mind
should liberate your
not confine.


Ramona Maintanis


There’s always a battle
between good and evil.




You are your own enemy
and your greatest friend.


Lynne Kathleen Gilchrist


Internal conflict feels like
a battle between Yin and Yang.
It’s all about finding a
balance between the two!


Jin Galson


Our mind is our own battlefield.
Be courageous for combats;
for defeat is only in the mind,
so is your triumph.


Dee Es


You need to observe your
mind from a distance
when thoughts fight,
to make your darkness
surrender to your inner light.


Cory E Lizabeth


Don’t battle with your thoughts.
Trust your gut,
follow your heart.


Sulekha Pande


The toughest battles
take place within us.


Shilpika Bagh


A ‘war’ of virtues over sin;
the one you feed will ‘win’.


Leta Marie DeMello


Our souls are powered
by light and dark.
Let your mind serve
as the filter in which you
pour your words;
and may light always prevail.

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