Wisepicks For 6 January

Donna McCarthy


Unfortunately in today’s world, 
you can be verbally beaten up 
for your opinion.


Felicia Holmes


Some people 
respond aggressively 
to words that were never 
directed at them.


Rinku Shah


When we confer,
Opinions differ.
Learn to be patient,
With the blatant!  


Asmiya S


There’s always someone 
who is waiting for the moment 
to put us down by 
the faults of our own words.


Sherry Greene 


Words are just as likely 
to be a weapon 
or a healing tool.


Rinku Shah


I dread
All that I have said,
Will one day come 
crashing on my head,
By some blockhead!  


Happy Honey


Some hurts others 
through their actions 
and some through their words.




Don’t backstab 
with your words, 
talk straight.


Shilpika Bagh


Eloquence of “silence” 
is unheard ; 
in the noise of 
“spoken words”


Jeri Formanek 


We just need to 
agree to disagree.


Anjana Surendran


Silenced Silences
 rises the most 
dangerous of thoughts 
and most vulnerable 
of emotions.

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