Wisepicks For 6 February

Oksana Majaski


Appearances can be 


Dee Kniceley Schartiger


Beware of 
the hidden demons 
in people’s souls.


Sheila Cotterall


Before the final handshake, 
On any sort of deal,
It’s wise to take a moment, 
To assess just how you feel!
More than your sight can see,
More than your nose can smell,
More than your ears can hear,
More than your skin can feel,
You need to trust your gut on this,
Or you could become the meal.


Felicia Holmes


A handshake and smile 
is how this relationship will begin,
but the eyes can not see 
the darkness within. 




Beware of the hidden intention 
behind the subtle pretension.


Debra Pry


Some people 
have a hidden agenda,
Always trust your instinct.


April Yeager


When shaking hands 
to make amends, 
beware of the enemies 
disguised as friends. 


Shilpika Bagh


Trust the vibes 
greeting folks your way ; 
for a hand shake 
may slay .


Rinku Shah


Friend or foe?
Time will show
If you pay attention,
You will notice the deception!  


Mary Kirkpatrick


Rising above 
our shadowed nature,
One is true, 
the other a faker. 


Asmiya S 


We are all easily deceived 
by the outer appearance.


Bonnie Crerar


Beware whom you befriend, 
cause there could be hidden
 a monster behind the garb 
of a friend.


Ashish Verma


A friendly hand 
had an evil intention 
when scanned.


Roya Rodriguez


Deal with the devil 
Monsters walk among us


Linda Mansolf


What’s apparent 
is not always real


Ann Doherty


The biggest demons
 walk among us
 disguised as us 


Jessica Taylor


Don’t be so quick
 to sell your soul 
to the devil.

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