Wisepicks For 6 December

Kat Lowenberg

A vow to a machine
 for the young at heart,
 where our elders believe 
in till death do ‘us’ part.


Sherry Greene


Young ones, can you see
 what your missing?
Instead of your smartphone, 
you could be kissing!


Mary Kirkpatrick


How do you get turned on?
By standards of comparison.
Ages and stages 
in your lifetime,
Influenced by
 the current paradigm.
What is your motivation?


Clarisse Raquinel


True connections are built
 through human interaction.


Ashok Pande


Love is a splendorous thing
but too much adulation,
Can lead you into,
The world of Indifference.
Break these shackles of,
Communication breakdown,
Its never too late to,
Fall in love again. 


Mary Kirkpatrick


When forming connections,
What are your motivations?
The value of romance,
Or social media by chance?
Embrace the differences,
Of generational preferences.


Vibhavari Bhushan 


Don’t let the sands slip
Learn the trick
All you need is
A seal of kiss!!


 Chinhita Bose 


Caught in the trap
 of internet connection
We are losing the warmth
 of human interaction


Vibhavari Bhushan


Those interwoven fingers
During long walks,
Those warm hugs
Sealed with kisses 
And hearty laughs,
Don’t make them a thing of past..


Sabiha Nikhat


The essence of love 
has faded with time, 
such that we be 
together forever,
 but only Virtually.


Shilpika Bagh


Those drowned in this world 
of wireless connections;
 know little that love
 surfs with hugs ,
flowers and affection.


Sadhana Jain


Love is still alive,
But generation wise,
Old are getting younger,
Younger are aging,
As if there is no life outside,
How far technology 
has made us from
 real love and beautiful life.


Rinku Shah


Heads, hands and minds are busy,
It’s a pity!
Some know what
 a hug can do,
Others have no clue.
Let’s get real, 
from touch screens,
To being THERE by all means!


Rena Lozier – Strauss


There is no truer love 
than the ones who lived
 the truest and the fullest
 with one another


Vyvienne Chamberlain
Being together fully
 in the present 
will always outlast
 the adoration of technology 
over human communication.

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