Wisepicks For 5 September

Wisepicks For 5 September (2)

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 5 September.

Wisepicks For 5 September

Donna Walp

An open mind 
can break into 
an imprisoned soul.


Kristen Ruchalski


Prisoners of ignorance


Will Harris


Knowledge is key.


Amor Lovely Dimacali


Don’t be a prisoner 
of your own thinking,
Open your mind 
instead of overthinking. 


Debra Pry


Don’t be imprisoned 
without knowledge.
Unlock your potential. 


Oliver De Guzman


Don’t let your circumstances 
keep your mind 
inside a prison.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Whatever the circumstances, 
freedom can be read 
as a state of mind.




The key to unlock your mind;
In books you shall find.


Kayley Easterbrook


These pages invite 
my imagination 
to set me free.


Rinku Shah


True freedom lies 
with an unlocked mind,
The key lies in knowledge of any kind.
Those who know this.
Use their time in bliss!


Christy Phillips


Unlock your potential. 
Educate yourself.


Happy Honey


Unlock your mind 
with the knowledge of books

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