Wisepicks For 5 October

Wisepicks For 5 October

Felicia Holmes

The dreams in your heart 
will always take you further 
than the most rational minds. 




With brains and logic 
you can stand firm,
But with heart, 
love and it’s magic, 
you can roam free.

Wisepicks For 5 October3
Karthik Parthasarathy 


Flying away to far off lands, 
Holding on to your heart, 
From a land full of brains, 
Even as a temporary refuge, 
A welcome change it would be, 
To be driven by passion and feeling, 
Rather than just by thoughts, 
Even if for a little bit..  


Wisepicks For 5 October4
Anindya J Ganguly


Holding the umbrella 
of my bleeding heart
I fly into the abyss
 of a golden aisle.
Life froths notions 
weaving with the mind
But I look for happiness 
away from this Pique,
In Paradise.  


Rinku Shah


In a world of minds,
I was one of a kind.
To my heart I held on tight,
My decision felt right.
Rise above it all,
Listen to your heart’s call!  


Lyndon Echavarri


Your heart can lift you 
from the fetters of your brain.


Meyer Ramski


The heart lifts you away 
from all that is rational.


Aren Faye Quetua


No matter how rich your mind is, 
only your heart can uplift you.


Karl Edwards


Listening to your heart 
will break you free 
from your minds limitations.  


Jitendra Ram


A Brainless Boy 
With Pure Heart
Holding It In Hand,
Landing In The 
Heartless Land.

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