Wisepicks For 5 March

Jolynn Natman

Don’t let your device be
bigger than your company.

Mary Kirkpatrick
Is it too late to
change this obsession,
Back to what was
once called passion?

Shilpika Bagh
A ‘date’ gone awry,
with his ‘online chemistry’.

Neha Garcha
Extinguishing oneself
to human touch,
technology is the new
kind of enslavement.

Jennifer Mcinteggart
Social media has replaced being social.

Anthony Romanelli
Under the influence
of a digital wasteland.

Asmiya S
Conversations are gone
when the smart phone is on.

Tina Bell
Funny how something that
keeps you connected
also keeps you disconnected.

Chinhita Bose
By connecting with the virtual,
you will lose sight of the real.

Donna McCarthy
Technology has left us feeling
alone when we are together.

Ashish Verma
Technology has been degrading
the quality of love over time.

Kiesha Angel-Laree Sturdy
There’s no love connections
in phone connections.

Stacy Metcalf
The era of technology
overshadowing human
interaction is here.

Armando Dasigo Baria
They are near and yet so far;
For Gadget keeps them apart!

Ġeeta P
The online presence diminishes
the offline presence.

Ashleigh Renee
Losing real connection while
chasing being connected

Yvonne Poppitz
Sometimes we mistakenly forget,
that the greatest technology
ever invented is mankind

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