Wisepicks For 4 March

Kiri Anderson

Don’t see the beauty in the
violence that holds you hostage.
Be strong and break free.


Brenda Lorena Leal


You can have my bones,
my flesh and even my blood.
But you will never
ever touch my soul,
my dreams and hopes.


Sherry Greene


As I sat there,
all tied up and bound,
With no possible
rescue coming around,
The grey scale figure
took a swing at me,
But my smile brought
color and set me free.


Helen Quinlivan


Believe it or not
I’m grateful for every blow.
You thought you knocked me down,
but oh how wrong!
Because of you,
I’ve only become stronger
and like the butterfly,
I have bloomed
from my cocoon and grown.


Asmiya S


Even though you limit my hands,
I have a beautiful soul which
flies without any harness.


Kat Lowenberg


Sometimes all you need is light
to combat the fight.


Ashish Verma


Punch me hard,
knock me down.
I will still shine and wear no frown.


Marjie Yule Davitt


The power of forgiveness is
stronger than any blow.
Let your mind flutter with kindness.


Rinku Shah


When your faith is strong,
Nothing can go wrong.
Peace and serenity will prevail,
Your fortitude will not let you fail!


Debbie Leibold


Her soul stretched its beautiful wings
in fluttering peace, to protect her from pain.


Barbara Geddes


Just as her self hatred was preparing
for yet another devastating blow,
her self compassion came to the rescue.


Felicia Holmes


When you focus on the
beauty in the world,
it often protects you from seeing
the violence that abounds.


Tamanna Ashrafy


Don’t trust people blindly.
They might not be
what you think they are!




The authenticity and courage
of such a delicate love holds within,
the resilience that is so powerful.


Dina Kemp


The struggle is not the darkness
but the battle from within.
Let go and trust yourself.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Calmness of mind and self control,
may affect another’s heart and soul

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