Wisepicks For 4 January

Swati Kumar


Over thinking robs you 
of your happiness


Teresa Gunnet


A clear mind 
is a happy mind.


Sheila Cotterall


It’s a no brainer!!


Anjana Surendran


The more you think 
the more you evolve 
in the chaos of World.


Ryan Stroud


The less you know, 
the better


Anitha Jemma Cherian


The moment you 
stop thinking with brain 
and give that power 
to your heart,
you start glowing your life.


Archna Bali 


An empty mind 
is the reason behind 
your smile


Sherry Greene


A mind bogged down
Produces a frown
Clear your mind awhile
Creates a big smile  


Mary Kirkpatrick


Let go, let go, let go
Of thoughts not in the flow.
Get out of the past,
Those things don’t last.
Keep out of the future,
It’s a time poacher.
When you stay in the now,
A smile will change that brow.  




When we have a lot 
to think to the core, 
we forget the reasons 
we have to smile more.




With a clear mind, 
happiness you shall find.


Brandon Allan Awalt


The less we are trapped inside 
our heads with our 
thoughts and self doubts, 
the happier we become. 
Sometimes shutting off the brain 
is like hitting reset in a game. 


Debra Pry


I wasn’t mindless,
But, I could see through the blindness.
I began to use my voice,
Because happiness is a choice. 


Rinku Shah


Mind your mind
And happiness you will find! 


Frankie Crabtree England


The less we know
the happier we are.

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