Wisepicks For 4 February

Felicia Holmes


We all must decide 
if the pain we endure 
is worth the love we receive.

Tony Wright
The path to someone’s heart 
can be a hard place to start
but as with every thing in life
 you have to start at the bottom

Sheila Cotterall
A friend in a higher place, 
decided to show her some grace;
By releasing the string to her tethered heart, 
she realised the dream she had at the start
The lesson she learned in witnessing this act. 
Is that love flows more freely 
with no strings attached!

Kris White
Love is worth all 
of the nicks and pricks 
along the way.

Debra Pry
To reach the unreachable love,
You must climb
 the unclimbable cactus.
Every Cactus has its Pricks.  

Jan Askas
The journey to love
 is full of pricks.

Dannielle Roberts 
Oh the pain I must endure
 to recapture my own heart

Debra Pry
When you’re climbing 
the ladder of love,
You may rise and you may fall.
But it’s better to have loved,
Then never to have loved at all.

Anjana Surendran
Running blindly 
behind love she never looked 
at how much she would have to hurt her
 or is it worthy enough to struggle

Annette Boyle
It is up to you 
to venture through the 
challenges of love.

Amanda Thompson
Tread with caution 
or you may get hurt

Lisa Blewitt Tusing
Guard your heart 
lest it should become ensnared 
in the thorns of life.

Allhyne Telan Rabocse
Whatever it take 
I will take the risk

April Yeager
The prickly journey to love
 is quite a dangerous chore. 
All I ask is, “Will I make it?”
 An echo, “Nevermore!”

Karen Gadosik
Love is worth the pain.

Babeita Singh 
I gave you my heart away and risked it all,
 I am climbing up the ladder of love 
when I know anytime I can fall
You promised to keep it safe
 but seeing it entangled 
in the trap of truth and lies 
makes my heart ache..

Kitty O. Sara
Sad thing is, kid, 
following your heart isn’t always worth it. 
Sometimes it brings pain 
worse than the yearning.

Faith Dunsmuir
Reaching a place of love
 often means overcoming
 painful obstacles.

Chinhita Bose 
The path to true love
 is through thorny ways

Karen Halliday
Don’t waste time reaching
 for something which hurts you.

Rajesh Banawali
Thousand of thorns to pass, 
before you reach loving heart.

CHad Kinikilig RogEr
There is no easy way 
of getting the Love of your life. 
Struggle and obstacle 
are always in the way.

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