Wisepicks For 4 December

Arlene Larocque Jones

My tough exterior is deceiving
Inside I’m screaming
Can you read between the line
No really.. I’m fine


Chinhita Bose


She asked am I okay
I said I’m fine
Alas ! She could not read 
between the line.


Rinku Shah


Be there
If you really care,
So people can share!
Read between the lines,
Pay attention to the signs…
When someone says ‘I’m fine’.  


Laila Ardiente


I’m smiling and pretending 
that I’m fine,
but I’m dying 
and struggling behind.


Ann Doherty


The words hide 
what the heart holds 
so the pain stays contained


Anand Singh Josh


You show only that part 
which keeps them happy


Vyvienne Chamberlain


A standard answer 
to a general platitude 
asked by anyone 
who doesn’t want 
to hear the truth.




Depression in discretion.
I will never let it show 
in my expression.
Although I feel low,
 a happy smile I would show.
Your happiness is mine,
 and that’s why when you ask, 
“Are you okay?” 
I reply,” I’m fine” 


Rinku Shah


Look for the sign
Behind the ‘I’m fine’
Embroiled in emotions,
There’s such a commotion! 


Felicia Holmes


My smile is not a lie 
I use to hide,
It’s an escape from all 
that goes on inside.  


Mary Kirkpatrick


In the discrepancy
between what you say
And what you think
Truth is the missing link. 


Sherry Greene


I show the world 
exuberance, but
Oh, what darkness 
hovers near behind
What you see, 
my caring, kindly friend 
It’s nothing like what is 
in my mind 


Debra Pry


If you could only hear 
the cry on the inside,
When the outside 
looks perfectly normal.


Prasupta Roy


Miseries are many
But the world cares for any
So I bury my agony
Deep inside me.


Sabiha Nikhat


With all those chaos 
driving him mad, 
His only comfort 
was her Concern.


Sam Garrett


I’m fine, hides 
a million of lies!


Sulekha Pande


I’m fine
The biggest lie,
people choose to overlook..

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