Wisepicks For 31 January

Ann Doherty


We can share our stories 
and dance together
 as we turn each page 


Aura Tamara


Let me get lost 
in your pages


Tina Bell


I love getting lost 
in the story of you


Asmiya S


Reading one another 
by standing together.


Brittney Donohoe


A book may have a cover, 
but all that matters 
is on the inside


Aditi Joshi


Love is not about 
the hugs kisses cuddling and all,
sometimes it’s the reading of 
two beautiful minds and souls.


Anjana Surendran


Inscribing the pages with memories 
Exploring the life with love
Rejoicing the rhythm of togetherness
Being merry today let us dance


Rita Anderson


“You read me like a book!” he said. 
“Keep reading between my lines darling.” she answered.


Malou Lopez


Sharing knowledge together 
for the rest of our lives


Kat Lowenberg


Intelligence is sexy 
in more ways than one 


April Yeager


Read my expression, 
it’ll do you no harm. 
I’m an open book in your arms.


Jackie De Klerk


Oh, the joy we find between the pages, 
love in all the different stages. 
We thought it would be a lonesome path, 
but now we can just laugh. 
Fairytales do become true, 
I realized that the moment I met you.


Rinku Shah


In the arms of a loved one,
Is a lot of fun…
To know and understand each other, 
Like reading our favourite books together! 


Linda Mansolf


Dance through 
the pages of love


Chris Davenport


Two books combined to make 
one incredible story.


Colleen Gallagher


We can read each other’s mind’s 
like an open book.


Ambika Mishra


What a beautiful relationship
When one can read 
what’s on your mind.


Chinhita Bose


Let the minds kiss
Oh! It’s such a bliss

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