Wisepicks For 31 December

Rinku Shah

by a mobile.


Rinku Shah


My patience knew no limits,
As I stared 
at the screen and digits.
Waiting for you to call.
I built a virtual wall.


Sherry Greene


So absorbed, so still
Unquenchable fill
The weeds encroached pace
Infertile headspace
We’ve replaced books
With screen-lit looks
My heart feels sorrow
Oh, what lies tomorrow?  


Anjana Surendran


Amidst the struggling sails of life 
all she could sow was seeds 
of affection and cheerfulness 
but all she received 
was complaints and dismay


Sulekha Pande 


I sit in my self inflicted isolation,
my heart bleeding with desolation,
I try and find 
the answers to my questions,
gathering algae on my mind, 
getting entangled in weeds of a kind,
I find no solutions,
though I indulge in 
senseless communications.


Shilpika Bagh


A click clings me 
to a virtual world; 
blending in its colors unheard; 
still feel that “void” ; 
that I can’t “avoid “.


Asmiya S


Everyday I am waiting 
for your reply sadly
Melancholic leaves tillows 
behind me slowly.

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