Wisepicks For 31 August

Wisepicks For 31 August

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 31 August.

Myee Jean Atherton Munns

The pendulum of the mind 
with the weights that swing 
from side to side turns 
the cogs of every thought, 
and within its power, 
we are caught.  


Rinku Shah


The Mind machine
Is unique 
and one of its kind ever seen.
Constantly in motion,
Breaking every notion!  


Manvi Jain


Fuel it up and it would 
yield you the best.
The modern mind functions
as a machine
And knowledge is its stimulus.


Felicia Holmes


She is using her mind
instead of her heart,
It’s a matter of time 
before it all falls apart. 

Sulekha Pande


I close my eyes,
and peep inside,
the wheels churn,
the gears turn,
I see what makes me,


Sherry Greene


So many ideas churning in my brain
Like the many parts of a timepiece
Confusing to the novice’s eye
Each a specific role to the whole
And this is who I am  


Ian Aquino


The matrix of mind is complex 
as it hold the chains of thoughts.


Linda Decaria
A woman’s mind 
never stops!


Vanessa Cole


A woman’s mind 
Works over time.


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