Wisepicks For 30 September

Felicia Holmes


He knows he is a slave 
to the daily grind.
It’s the one thing,
that never leaves his mind.


Wisepicks For 30 September2
Asmiya S


I just keep on working and was
Blinded about the real thing 
My real self caught in a string
Can’t free myself 
from that peril ring. 


Wisepicks For 30 September3
Tina Potter


Trapped within 
the mind.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Trapped in his world 
of toil and strife, 
a prison of thoughts 
and feelings of life, 
when will he know 
what others can see, 
to squeeze through the bars 
and set himself free?  


Say Keng Lee


The toughest prison 
to escape is in your mind.


Rinku Shah 


The voice in me
Is yelling to set it free.
All day at the keyboard,
It screams ‘I’m bored!’
Let’s unplug and go out,
Have some fun and shout! 


Anubha Sharma 


Failing to realize the importance 
of work life balance,
All our lives, we work like a gallant;
The imprisoned subconscious yearns 
to break the barrier, 
It’s imperative to give your own self, 
precedence over your career  


Anindya J Ganguly 


Caged in a Cloistered Cell 
I breathe in a Social Cell
Through my sunburn glasses, 
I procrastinate 
gloating in my soft winter 
Of a monotone Gale.  


Nirekshitha Kunder


Captive in an anxious prison, 
Life gives me no reason, 
As I pen this, everything is confusion, 
Except the certainty 
that eternal night has dawned, 
The light in me has gone!!


Bhaumik Dave 


Bars have grown 
with lack of choice created artificially, 
pay is a mercy and
a favor the helplessness of labour 
where abortion of freedom 
is the right of the master.


Rinku Shah


Mind talk:
I shout, I scream…
Freedom is my dream.
You sit glued and type,
Ignoring my gripe.
You need to unwind,
And give rest to your mind! 


Deborah Poff


We stifle our inner self 
from being free


Rinku Shah 


Prisoner of the screen 
can’t hear the inmate scream


Debra Pry


You can never 
escape yourself.


Denton Linke


Your mind has the power 
to trap you and the capacity 
to set you FREE!


Vinay Mehta
in your own Reality

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