Wisepicks For 30 October

Felicia Holmes


When we connect
with the child within,
we see beauty
in everything.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


No longer time to stop and stare,
smell the flowers and sniff the air.
Childhood memories left behind
as now I face the daily grind.


Lisa Pfeiffer


Make time to take time
to appreciate the small things.


Kyle King


As you lose yourself
to the daily grind.
Don’t lose your inner child


Rinku Shah


The child in me
still wants to explore.
Sit on the floor,
Play outdoor.
Why is being an adult such a chore?
Work bills taxes and more
Feel the pain in my core.
Is a balance possible?
Yes, I am responsible!


Sulekha Pande


The best things in life,
come free of cost,
don’t lose the child in you,
even if all else is lost.


Sulekha Pande


Beauty lies in small things,
stop, admire and appreciate
growing up is inevitable,
growing old is optional.




Once, he came to enjoy beauty,
Now he stops exhausted
from duty


Asmiya S


Same eyes
But time differs
the views.


Tony Napier


If you look with childish wonder
the world comes alive again.


Sheila Syahira


My inner child
still adores the beauty in you
even when I refuse to


Sean O’Mahoney


That split second
when you realize
the best things
in life are FREE.

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