Wisepicks For 30 November



We know the beginning 
and the end,
But have to 
go through life 
and learn at each bend…


Anjana Surendran


Birth is but a journey between
riddles and puzzles to seek your “self”.


Arlene Larocque Jones


From the day you were born
Great loves adorn 
Through life’s maze
Some days a haze
Emotions twist and turns
Making ones stomach churns
Until the final end
When the soul transcends


Rinku Shah


The stork is visiting,
Welcome a new beginning.
Life is a maze,
Sometimes leaves us
in a daze.
We’re here to learn…
And have some fun!


Chinhita Bose – Chinchi


Life is a maze
A wild goose chase
On the way we diminish
And in the end 
we are all finished…


Kim Davies


You can’t skip 
chapters in life..
each one will be
 an experience..
embrace them all 
and enjoy the journey


Jora Mingco


the birth of a new beginning
to unfold what’s life ahead.


Kamlesh Bhasin


Waiting for the command 
to drop & deliver 
their bundle of love 
through maze of time 


Debra Pry


From the darkness to light,
It’s a beautiful flight.
With so many 
twists and turns,
And so many 
things to learn.
And when the end is near,
Hang on to 
the memories you make,
For in the end,
It’s the love you take.


Sulekha Pande


The eternal chase,
of the divine maze…..


BG Dacula


Life is but a maze
 of different options,
 leading to one destination.


Alvin Lavigne

We can look for
 a path which
 we walk upon.
It can be dull or exciting;
 the plot thickens.
We puzzled a way 
but we are all 
destined at the end.


Kat Lowenberg


A good life is a 
smoothly maneuvered maze…


Jarod Keyline


We know for certain 
theres a beginning and an end; 
everything in between is
 up to you and I: The Individual


Prasupta Roy


Birth is the beginning
Joys and sorrows make it amazing
So make it meaningful
Your death shall be then peaceful.

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