Wisepicks For 30 January

Donna McCarthy


A huge ego 
is a heavy weight
to carry.


Henrietta Chenya


Body is active
But the mind is tired


Oksana Majaski


Carrying the weight 
of the world.


Clint Despi


Knowledge can sometimes 
be an unnecessary burden


Rinku Shah


The more you hold on, 
the heavier your cart,
Your thoughts play 
the most important part.
Learn to let things be
Travel light and be free! 


Amanda Jean


Sometimes the weight you carry 
on your shoulders, 
is actually all in your head.


Sherilyn Campbell


I have some pretty heavy thoughts 
weighing on my mind.


Bret Axl Loraya


Your own being 
is your own burden.


Sherry Greene 


A heavy thinker’s journey 
is quite a plight, indeed.


Fragile Rosagaran Macul


If you let all frustration and stress 
Get into your head, 
No one else will suffer 
more greatly than your own self


Mary Kirkpatrick


It’s what you do, 
not what you know,
That moves you forward, 
makes you grow.  


Claire Charley


Carrying the weight of the world 
on your shoulders


Matthew Moreland


Wisdom is 
a load to bear.


Udeoyibo Chinedu Vitus


Knowledge without application 
is a burden not power.


Bonnie Crerar


Burdened by 
one’s own inflated ego


Chinhita Bose


Do not carry a burdened mind
Leave your worries behind
Learn to unwind.


Kavitha Kalidass


The ego in our heads
 is the biggest burden 
that we carry.

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