Wisepicks For 30 December

Lawren Freudenthal 


The struggle 
to get back 
wasted time.


Sherry Greene 


It’s hard to live in the moment 
when so many distractions 
keep pulling you away. 


Dannielle Roberts


Fighting to take back 
my time


Debra Pry


You can never recover time.
Live in the moments.
Time is fleeing,
And tomorrow is never promised.  


Rinku Shah


Time will fly
No matter how hard you try.
Live every moment of life,
Put an end 
to this social media strife.


David Knight


Don’t let social media 
devour all of your time
(it can never be reclaimed)


Usha Nandini 


No matter how much 
these social medias try, 
if you have a stronger hold, 
you control the bigger chunk of your time


Rinku Shah


Social media is a fixation
Break free 
from this temptation


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Time gets depleted,
Nothing completed.
Balance what’s prime,
But hang on to free time.  


Shilpika Bagh


Balance is the key; 
or life be on a spree; 
the time you own 
to the “life trivia “;
will be snapped by 
the “social media “.


Asmiya S


Hold the time 
with more cautiousness
Don’t let it being slip away
 by distractions  


Sulekha Pande


Time wasted on social media, 
slips away,
it’ll never come back your way,
no matter how much you try,
you must reclaim
your own time pie

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