Wisepicks For 30 August

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 30 August.

Felicia Holmes

One part grounded 
and one part free,
no matter the distance, 
they are both me. 

Be anchored to reality, 
but fly free in imagination

Close your eyes 
and listen to your heart strings.
The answer lies in the song 
that your soul sings.




In your heart lies 
infinite possibilities 
of everything you can be.
Just free your heart and soul.
You will be marveled to see 
how far your wings soars,
And how mighty your soul roars  


Sherry Greene


I try to fly free, 
but I’m tethered 
to figures from my past. 
I can’t seem to break away. 
Someday, I will!


Sulekha Pande


I try to get ahead,
I try to create a new role,
but the bird of my memories,
pulls me back,
it’s strings are tied to my soul..


Rinku Shah


Everyone has aspirations
Why allow flight with limitations?
Drop your reservations,
And give wings to soar 
and tackle all situations! 


Garrett Minnick


No; when you’re anchored,
winds of hope can’t carry you
Cut the strings, be free.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


If only I wasn’t bound by heart strings, 
I would make better use of my wings. 


Karen Ruble


My heartstrings 
have taken flight 
against my path


Marie Simonna


Behind this free spirited
facade you see 
is a grounded old soul 
that craves and seeks solitude.


El Léon Maia Dos Santos


Trapped by soul, 
but free by mind

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