Wisepicks For 3 September

Wisepicks For 3 September (2)

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Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 3 September.

Mits Imna


Into the woods I go there, 
Releasing my fears, sorrows,
weakness and my emotions. 
Nature seems to understand me more 
than the humans I know. 
Into the woods I stay, 
As they calm and ease my soul, 
From the noise and unfaithfulness of men. 
Into the woods I live 
as I feel a sense of belonging 
that men failed to give!


Dannielle Roberts 


Letting go of the ghost 
that haunts me


Sulekha Pande


I exonerated 
who did me wrong,
I found my inner peace,
that made me strong.. 


Karthik Parthasarathy 


When my spirits are low, 
As I ponder my existence, 
I seek out nature, 
Ask questions about my future. 
The spirits of the tree, 
Laughs at me, 
In the most loving way, 
As if to say, 
“What are you in this world, 
but a speck of dust? Why worry? ” 
Every single time, I stand humbled, 
In front of the vast, grand nature.  




As I sit alone,
My thoughts extract 
the demon from its place.
I look at it face to face,
And then I embrace.
Releasing it from the hug,
I fathom out the mysterious maze
As I realize it’s not really a demon,
But an angel all this time, 
beneath this ghostly face.  




As I dwell in the unknown, 
am I really alone?


Rinku Shah


When you feel hounded,
Stay grounded.
Both, the devil 
and the angel reside within
Strike a balance 
and see yourself win!  


Sherry Greene


the sweetness of nature
the darkness within  


Mamie Zepeda


Stop living with the 
ghosts of the past
they are already dead 
let them go  


Kandula Mani Krishna


When  I am all alone, 
the ghost in me 
comes out in joy.


Sarika Arora


Solution to many inner 
mental conflicts

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