Wisepicks For 3 October

Nirekshitha Kunder


Like minds sync, 
in ways they think


Karthik Parthasarathy 


Both our thoughts, 
Tapping into the same frequency, 
Easy to connect, 
To share as well, 
About time, I think, 
To make it a private network, 
Just for you and me, 
To connect till eternity. 


Rinku Shah


A connection of this strength,
Will result in an interaction 
of great length.
Two minds that think alike,
Is almost dreamlike! 


Debra Pry


Great minds think alike.


Vyvienne Chamberlain


Is the WiFi strong or weak? 
Telepathy or must we speak? 
Attune our brains to what we know 
then open mouths and off we go!  


Madhavi Chintakunta


Your thoughts drew me to you
we can never be together physically
that doesn’t matter 
as long as we vibe through 
our minds.  


Felicia Holmes


We have the potential, 
but the frequency 
must match to connect. 


Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Connected to the 
same school of thoughts.
Creating a better 
and stronger synergy  


Faith Dunsmuir


No words are needed 
when the signals are strong 
between like minds. 

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