Wisepicks For 3 March

Ġeeta P


Blinded with one’s own ignorance.

Carol Depta

Eyes not needed,
when the mind refuses to see.


Anthony Romanelli


See the world with a wise mind.
Not a blind eye.


Jackie McBilello


There are none so blind
as those who refuse to see.


Shilpika Bagh


He turned a “blind eye”
for the peace of mind.


Celene Giltrap


The eyes are useless
when the mind is blind.


Debra Pry


Your eyes can be closed
to the things you don’t want to see.
But your mind can’t be closed
to the things you know in your heart.


Rinku Shah


Blinding oneself to reality,
Is a temporary escape from actuality.
It will not last long.
Face the situation, be strong!


Sherilyn Campbell


If you ignore your senses,
you will disable yourself.


James Webb


We choose to see
only what we wish to see!


Rebecca Boisvert


The mind knows reality.
The eyes see the tricks.


Asmiya S


Not everything need to be seen.
Some things can only be
seen through the mind.


Cabotine Green


Ignorance is a bliss to someone
blinded by his own ego.


Robert Casper Engstrom II


Uncover your eyes,
to open your mind.


April Camille Berden


The one who blatantly refuses to see,
only believes in what
his ears can hear
and what his mind conjures.


Yao Anji


Sometimes we are blinded
by our own disputes.


Kathy Storch


Self induced ignorance
does not shield from truth.


Amit Shrestha


When your mind is blind,
those eyes are useless!


Marjie Yule Davitt


Don’t close your mind,
to what the eyes can’t see.
You can see past your hand.
Just try it and be free


Mary Kirkpatrick


it’s handy not to see,
all the things with which you disagree.

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