Wisepicks For 3 January

Anna Maestas

Do not give away 
your mind 
to fill someone else’s 


SimpleSethi Arora


Consuming myself 
to make you whole.
Sharing my being 
with your soul. 


Katie Mck 


You will lose yourself 
if you are always trying 
to help others feel complete.


Mary Kirkpatrick


When man hands 
a woman his mind, 
she takes it to heart.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Sun rises all aglow.
As above, so below. 
I may not have much left to give, 
Take my mind, 
so your heart can live. 


Dannielle Roberts


As I disappear 
into the universe 
you will always have 
a part of me


Sharon Shain


If losing my mind 
is the price, I have to pay 
to make you whole again 
then I’ll lose it 
a thousand times for you


Riza Joy Betis


I can empty a piece of me 
just to complete 
the masterpiece of yours


Rinku Shah


It’s a new dawn,
When you stop thinking 
of what’s gone.
Let’s make a fresh start
With a piece of my mind 
that fits perfectly in your heart.


Deanna Wilkinson


I keep losing pieces of myself 
trying to piece you 
back together again.


Happy Honey 


I may not be complete
I may not be perfect
If I can complete you
I would love to lose myself


Debra Pry


Miles apart,
But with Same Heart.
I give you a piece of my soul,
To make yourself whole.


Shilpika Bagh


I am happy to ‘give in’; 
if this makes you ‘complete’ .


Brandon Allan Awalt


Those who help 
are often the ones 
who need the most help themselves. 
It is these people 
who have carried a burden 
unknown to those around them.


Sabiha Nikhat


That’s the thing about 
one sided love, 
it completes one 
while the other one 
is left broken.


Kieran Emery 


“With my heart on your mind, 
all the pieces will come together.” 


Frankie Crabtree England


I would sacrifice myself 
piece by piece, 
just to make you 
feel complete.


Rommel Magadia


I will build you 
even if it destroys me.


Reetika Malhotra


Having the courage 
to give everything 
Even when you need it 
the most.

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