Wisepicks For 3 February

Esther Wangsa

The art of “True Love”
is never letting Go


Debra Pry


Together we can mend
our broken hearts.


Felicia Holmes


The love between us
can only survive
if we each do our part.




Love is a two way thing.
When commitment comes
from both side,
balance it will bring.


Suzy Rea


Everything is better
when you work together


Jackie De Klerk


Once you break a heart,
it’s broken forever.
 It doesn’t matter how hard you try
to fix the relationship,
 the hurt will always seep through.


Rinku Shah


A broken heart .
Will fall apart.
Unless we decide to mend
Sincerely tend.
Make it whole
Love playing
 a doctor’s role!


Sheila Cotterall


When caught in the crossfire
 of crossed wires our heart rips,
Fixed only when the crossover
 of the cross-stitch meets our lips.


Ashish Verma


Time broke our heart
in utter pain,
let’s mend it together
to be whole once again.


Fragile Rosagaran Macul
When things go wrong
 as they sometimes will,
As long as two people
work things out,
Love wins.


Queta Fox


Our hearts
will not stay united,
 unless we work
to keep it together.


Chinhita Bose


When two people
 have fallen apart
Stitching their broken heart
Is never an easy art


Julia Walaszek


It takes two people
 to make it work

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