Wisepicks For 1 December

Usha Nandini


There will be people
who add stringers
to your ladder
and people who will
remove them.
Nevertheless you’ve got
to keep climbing.

Arlene Larocque Jones


Determination is the key
to success when life
tries to trip you up

Rinku Shah

As you rise,
To your surprise…
There will be people who criticise,
And others who energise.
Keep going like you knew,
Let nothing deter you!

Mary Kirkpatrick


Aim to trust in life,
and rise above.
No scaffold,
but helping hands of love.
All will unfold in its own timing.
Keep the faith, and keep on climbing.

Melissa Ransom


Great leaders help you climb the ladder

Anjana Surendran

The path was
never explored alone
some may feed
while some help to starve
and lessons learnt
sets the vision far.

Ashok Pande

His rise to the top
may have been phenomenal,
But every step
along the way,
Had to be created by,
Sheer hard work
And self determination.

Arn Ramos


Build your success
step by step
and you will reach your goals

Chinhita Bose – Chinchi


You cannot climb the ladder
Without the rungs placed by the other.

Sherry Greene


Show gratitude towards those
who had a hand in your climb to success.

Shilpika Bagh


For growth in life
to reach its heights ;
surround by those
who stick to strive.


It’s the help
from right people
at right time
that makes us
to climb right
and reach our prime…

Rena Lozier – Strauss


Sometimes climbing
to reach your goals –
others remove steps
to complicate the journey.
Either way it’s a grand experience.

Manvi Jain


They build me steps,
Others take it away.
It’s difficult to decide
Who’s my family and
who’s old adversary!

Prasupta Roy


Focus on your goal
Persevere with tenacity
Pleased with your determination
God will come to your help
And success will greet.

Dee Kniceley Schartiger

Your climb up
the ladder of success
can be undermined by others
if you don’t keep
your goal in your sights.

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