Wisepicks For 29 November

Arlene Larocque Jones


Marriage should bind
Not confine

Jessica Love 


World’s tiniest 
and strongest handcuff.
~ Wedding Ring 


Brandy Brown 


Narcissist’s way of saying 
you belong to me


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Handcuffs when open, 
hinge like a heart.
When closed, 
become difficult to part.
A ring signifies commitment,
A love that flows, 
not entrapment.


Arpan Jain


From now on, 
I take you in my custody.


Rinku Shah 


Before you wear 
the ring on your finger,
Clear every doubt 
that might linger.
It takes two to tango…

And a lot to 
willingly let go! 


Shilpika Bagh 


A string of hope and love is ring 
until in disguise is 
slavery clutched with a grin.


Ssareeta Singh


Vows of life and heart,
Jailed with perfect start!


Manvi Jain


Come honey
 I’ll grab you here
Forever and till 
I’m there
It can be a sort of jail
Which you still gotta trail
Come honey 
I’ll love you too
With all the pleasures 
and woe for you 


Helen Quinlivan 


Little do they know,
When they make a wedded vow,
it binds a legal contract,
that if one of them isn’t happy,
 is a nightmare to retract. 
So think very carefully, 
before you sign that dotted line;
is it really love, or or a lifetime

doing time? 


Kat Lowenberg 


If your marriage is a prison,
 it was probably a bad decision… 


Prasupta Roy 


The ring of marriage
Should not trap you in a cage
So look before you leap
For one wrong step 
May put you in misery deep


M Jeyaram 


Wedding is not a crime;
Neither are you ringleaders.
Make new life chime

And be cheerleaders..  


Anjana Surendran 


Unveiling the real selves saves a ring that can be a cuff!  


Rinku Shah


An engagement is a commitment,
If you feel it’s a confinement…
Then take your time,
Before you let wedding bells chime!

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