Wisepicks For 29 January



I am still caught 
in the intricacies of 
previous emotional chains 
that fetters me from experiencing 
any more pain.  


Arno Kruger


To lose 
your protective barrier 
you have to take 
the risk of trust.


Rinku Shah


This wired fence,
is for my defence.
Tired of all the pretence,
please don’t take offence!  


Deborah Poff


It started on the inside 
when I was a child
then moved to the outside
u can’t hurt me anymore
this will be me forever more


Neha Garcha


Covered herself in thorns 
protecting her heart and soul, 
She became her own warrior 
daring others to become her knight..  


Fragile Rosagaran Macul


Too near, 
Yet too far. 
The fence I built, 
Will take a real man to break.


Reyno Palabay


I want you.
 I want you so much! 
But I can’t, with all these
 complexities and conflicts 
that I have in myself.
I need to fix myself first, 
Know myself more. 
Get rid or somehow reduce this thorns
 that limits me to fully love you.  


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli


Entangled by fake love
 and Fake promises. 
Moving on is the only option 
for the betterment


Anjana Surendran


Betrayals of yesterday 
made her a mess 
which he resolved to solve 
from the very roots.  


Anjana Surendran


Within the fence she kept herself 
for she wanted none to play with her 
and the ones dared should 
dare to suffer.


Jackie De Klerk


She was emotionally destroyed 
so many times that she put up 
a self destructive fence, 
nobody can enter her life
 but she can’t enter 
someone else’s life either.


Jeanne Dumaplin


No relationship comes easy, 
but some people just make it harder
 than others.


Sandy Kasdan Rozelman


If you can get through my barrier,
 I’m yours




There are lessons of emotional encounters
that I can’t forget. 
And that stops me from making a move
 that I might later regret.




Afraid to experience, 
she built up an emotional fence.


Donna McCarthy 


The pain that was caused in my past 
has me feeling like I’m tangled up 
in barbed wire.
 I feel trapped in my pain.


Mary Kirkpatrick 


The barbs cut sharp and deep,
When into our words they creep.
Tearing each other to shreds.
Leaving our love in threads. 


Bonnie Crerar
Bounded by one’s past, 
the future remains unreachable.


Sulekha Pande 


Your boundaries must be set,
but not limiting.

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