Wisepicks For 29 December

 January 01, 2019

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If the connection is weak, 
you will just blabber and speak.


David Knight 


Think before you speak


Jodie Morrison 


Connect your brain 
to your tongue 
before you speak.


Sherry Greene


Please plug in brain 
before engaging tongue. 
Can cause shock and injury 
when operated improperly. 
Use with care.


Dannielle Roberts


Sometimes my thoughts 
and words 
are at a disconnect


Sabiha Nikhat


Keep calm as you connect
 to your senses,
logical words could save you 
from illogical expenses. 


Debra Pry


Be mindful 
of your words.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Connect good thoughts 
with what you share.
Speak with kindness, 
truth and care.  


Shilpika Bagh


“Words” be mere 
” tongue twisters” ; 
be mindful of the 
“mindless whispers”.


Shilpika Bagh 


“Disconnected” from logic 
are tell- tales of 
“rumors or gossip”

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