Wisepicks For 29 August

Wisepicks For 29 August

Wisepicks for Caption This image Published on 29 August.


Being caught 
in emotional strings,
We lose our freedom 
and wings.


Deeksha Oberoi


Sometimes it’s not love
which is keeping 
two people together.

Ceona Chambers


When a mother and a father 
break ties, 
too often it’s the child who cries, 
forced in the middle, 
pulled by both sides, 
when parents forget 
they’re the priority, 
misusing their authority, 
trying to gain superiority  


Rinku Shah


Please end this tug of war!
I feel sore
Right upto my core
I can’t take this anymore
Family life isn’t supposed 
to be a chore! 


CJ Da Herj


The red string of fate,
once was so forceful in bringing 
two people together in love,
can be even more brutal in the end
tearing them apart.




We all are caught between 
the angel and demon in us. 



Finding balance in this battle,
I try to hold on.
If I let go, it will all be gone.
But the thing is, my hands are worn.
And I am so torn.
I don’t how much longer
it will be before I lose.
I guess between these two, 
only one I have to choose  

Priyanka Tripathi


Good or bad: just an illusion,
Making the innocent child 
filled with confusion! 
Let him enjoy the beautiful journey of life,
Instead of making him cling 
between wrong and right!

Ilah Conley


We hold the power 
to bring people together.

Mamie Zepeda


Don’t put your child 
in the middle of your drama 
you’ll tear him or her apart

Che Pelagio


One of the hardest choice 
you will make in any relationship 
is choosing to 

Felicia Holmes 


When you can’t decide 
between right and wrong,
all you can do, is hang on. 

Anindya J Ganguly
The luminescence & the noir
String me up; hanging on free air
As I’m chained in an umbilical cord
Forged by Devil & the God
To discover whether wrong is right
Or being right, at times, is wrong.

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