Wisepicks For 28 September

Nirekshitha Kunder

A friendly pact
for greater impact!


Bambi Na


You cling to me
I cling to you
My leaves you grasp
Your hand I clasp
You care for me
I breathe for you
Nature is me
Nurture is you
Bind us together
We live much better


Debra Pry


Nature and life
go hand-in-hand.
We can’t exist
without each other.


Lisa Thompson


When you are
truly one with nature.


Bhartie Sharma


Nurture the nature
to receive its fruits.


Emmy Minihan


Hold hands
with nature’s wonders
instead of destroying it


Ujjawal Kumar


Grow together
& help each other.
Only way to Save ourselves
is by befriending nature.


Asmiya S


When you shake hands
with the nature
It will fill your life
with all pleasure.


 Rinku Shah


Let’s extend our hand,
To Mother Land.
The green cover,
Is our saviour!

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