Wisepicks For 28 October

Sulekha Pande 


It’s not climbing mountains
that sorts you,
it’s the inner journey 
that takes you up.  


Linda Decaria


To find the solution 
to life’s puzzles, 
one must make the journey.


Zeph Ponce


Life’s many choices,
many colors in a 
kaleidoscope of experiences 
towards a journey 
of harmonious existence.


Kyle King


The constant search 
to figure out 
life’s puzzle


Kiesha Angel-Laree


Sturdy In order to 
find yourself 
you must first seek 
to unwind yourself 


Shubha Vasan


At the peak 
you would find 
the meaning of life


Ãctive Ãnji


It is beautiful 
when it is Colourful
but it is peaceful 
when it is Mindful


Minal Ambade


The unwise will derive 
from the wise and align.


Sulekha Pande 


Up, up I went 
in search of answers,
carrying my fractioned self,
the higher I went up in consciousness,
the more sorted I became,
the better I found myself.


Rinku Shah


When your mind is a mess,
Remember it is a process.
It’s strange,
All you need to do is rearrange.
And piece by piece
You will find peace!  


Jane Beth Co


Accepting our daily challenges 
is an uphill battle 
of unsorting 
the different colors of life 
in order to be fulfilled 
and at peace 
with self and the world.


Sahana Kamath


Carrying the jumbled pieces 
of a troubled mind,
I undertake the treacherous journey 
in pursuit of happiness,
Should I turn left or right,
To reach the height,
To seek the light




A puzzled mind 
when pursued with perseverance 
will lead to a peaceful mind.


Ashok Pande


The path to Inner Peace 
is simple, and uncomplicated, 
yet we tend to make it,
a laborious one.  


Felicia Holmes


Sometimes we need 
a little distance 
from life’s routines 
to get our mind right.  


Hannah Nelson 


The challenge you seek 
is yours on the climb up!


Debbie Leibold 


The solution to the puzzle 
of finding inner peace 
is held within your 
own scrambled thoughts.

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