Wisepicks For 28 November

Felicia Holmes


It matters not how much
you invest into the wedding,
It is what you put 
into the marriage 
that makes it valuable.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Be wise with 
wedding BELLS you choose,
They might turn into 
wedding BILL blues!  


Ceona Chambers


An extravagant wedding 
makes you queen for a day, 
the right partner 
makes you a queen for 
all your days to come


Sherry Greene 


This cost of marriage,
A fiscal miscarriage.
Put down this token.
Your wallet is broken!  


Rinku Shah


We stand as man and wife,
Together for life.
Vows to be kept,
A lot of debt.
May we rise above all this,
And thrive on wedded bliss!


Kat Lowenberg 


Love shouldn’t be measured 
by material things, 
not even pretty sparkling 
shiny rings.




All that preparations 
for one grand day.
But only love will hold it together 
till the judgement day.


Jackie De Klerk


So many bills
for too many frills.
Why so much to pay
for just one day?
It’s about love and laughter 
and a happily ever after. 


Anjana Surendran


Preparations of a day
Blow the trumpet off
Preparation of life
Hold onto the worth
Decide on!  


Chinhita Bose


Marriages are made in heaven
But you pay for it on earth.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Wedded bliss after the kiss
Can be a hit or miss
True love prevails 
Or like a train derails
Either way
the debt that remains is the pits 


Karl Edwards


There is a sacred story to be told 
but sadly there is often 
an ego trip being sold.




Marriage is 
an Infinite Contract


Sharada Banan


Wedding is long list 
of commitments 


Sulekha Pande


I Wed thee, 
to fulfill all responsibility.

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