Wisepicks For 28 March


James Webb

We are the artists
that sculpt
our own downfall!



Without a stable foundation,
Felicia Holmes

Without a stable foundation,
everything you create
will merely put
your life at risk.


Barbara Bryant Shepherd
The hand
that you shape
can also be the hand
that crushes you.

Shilpika Bagh
Sometimes we dig
our own ‘grave’;
by helping those

who use us as ‘scape’.

Daniel Magner
The highway to hell
was ‘Carved’
with good intentions.

Debbie Gurriere
The artist worked
under the thumb
of his own creativity

Nalumu Dianah Kiguli
Our actions define
our true destiny.
Curve your path
with caution.
It may be the reason
for your destruction.

Mary Esther Si
What a precarious
state it is
to be lost
in our own grandeur.

Subhashish Mund
The thing you created
may destroy you.

David Scudero
You will lose yourself
while striving
for the approval

of others

Dandillion Jeff
Working to gain
more likes is like
wasting time
without thinking
of your future.

Armando Valdez Javellana
Not everything in life
we thought are solid
are strong enough

to carry us.

Asmiya S
When we think
we perfected our life,
it has a strange habit
of putting us in strife.

Fragile Rosagaran Macul
Work carefully enough,
Not to create

your own downfall

Denis Pereira
Everything happening to you,
or unconsciously,
you brought to yourself

Lathah Muniandy
Your creation of today,
is tomorrow’s destruction.


Sonia Zocchi-Dommann

Sometimes your
work of art
can destroy you.
Learn when to
walk away.

Dandillion Jeff

Don’t waste your effort
to be liked by others.
You’ll regret wasting
effort in the end.

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