Wisepicks For 28 January

Sheila Cotterall 

The Grim Reaper’s 
red carpet event,
Is sure to leave you spent.
He’ll rob your possessions 
and strip you bare,
For beyond his portal 
only spirits fare. 


Cathy Lovas


Man’s Treasure’s 
are Heavens Trash


Sunny Marie 


Death cannot be swayed
 by your riches and gold.


Christine Mae C. Digal 


Live to be rich if you can, 
but we all die poor


Aleczandra Topacio 


Money nearly means nothing 
because you don’t take it on 
one of the most important journeys 
of your life; death.


Vinay Mehta


You come bare hands 
you go bare hands.


Armando Dasigo Baria 


Afterlife does not need wealth 
to feed your soul.


Rinku Shah


I realised a tad bit late,
At the Death gate.
Empty hands,
Beyond this land
Wasted my life collecting a fortune,
What a misfortune! 


Arn Ramos


In the end, nothing really matters. 
Your name, your fame, your designation, your wealth, your riches 
will all be forgotten.


Jackie De Klerk


Don’t waste your life 
by working yourself to death 
for earthly possessions, 
you can’t take it along 
when you leave this world.


Ann Doherty


Money is not a currency 
used in the world of souls




Everything turns to dust at last. 
Through portal of death, 
only your soul shall go past. 
Not your earthly possessions, 
nor the money you saved so vast


Alissa Spina


You’ve done a lot of garbage 
to fill those suitcases sir. 
No amount of money 
can buy you out of this one. 
Please leave those bags 
at the door, they matter not now
Be kind. Be humble. Be honest.


Mary Kirkpatrick


All your belongings and cash
Are relegated to the trash,
When death comes a greeting
Everything in life is fleeting.  


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli 


Sorry No Baggage 
alone you came 
alone you must go.


Rudy Scala


You entered this world with nothing, 
and you’ll leave the same way !




All these prized possessions 
of your materialistic crave 
and you can take nothing with you
 to your grave.


Rinku Shah


A materialistic viewpoint,
Did disappoint…
As on the threshold of death,
All the world’s wealth 
can’t get you an extra breath 


SŠhobhna Kanwař 


In the End
Nothing will Go with you
Not even your own shadow
Everything will become
a mere garbage 


Ken Taiwo


Your cash is trash 
the rest of the journey 
requires no money.


Mi Ming


You can’t buy
 your way to heaven


Mai Quesada


How ironic what life brings
we made our ass off accumulating 
material possessions
then how pathetic 
they would just become trash
when the inevitability 
of death comes!  


Sulekha Pande


You’ll go empty handed
 on your final journey.


Jolynn Natman


Even a pile of money
 buys the same Grave as your neighbor. 
We enter this world with nothing, 
and leave with the same

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