Wisepicks For 28 February

Donna Lehigh


Oh what tangled web
we weave,
when first we practice
to deceive.


Kellie Schoessler-Abrams


Up your nose
with a rubber hose


Carol M. Downey Dawson


You blame me
and I’ll blame you
and we can act like
we never said “I do.


Melanie Anabelle De Souza


It always starts
with twisted lies,
only to end up
with inevitable goodbyes.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Blame often
takes a convoluted path,
when we attempt
to express our wrath.


Basudev Chakrabarty


Blame returns
where it belongs..


Jolynn Natman


Don’t twist my words,
then point a finger at me.


Marjie Yule Davitt


Tangled relationship never work.
Too close for comfort..
I want to breath
and spread my wings,
then do a host of other things.


Rinku Shah


lead you nowhere,
Sort the differences
if you care.


Annette Angela


Endless tangle
of misconceived opinions
goes nowhere.


Jackie De Klerk


Placing the blame
on the other,
will complicate
the problem further.


Shelli Holcomb


Love’ soon meets
it’s swift demise,
tangled up
in blame and lies.


Chinhita Bose


A twisted tale of love.


Frances McCabe


Communication is everything
in a relationship,
pointing fingers
never solves anything

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