Wisepicks For 28 December

Vinay Mehta


We are all prisoners 
of our own devices.


Mai Quesada


The sad part 
of modern innovations
is when people are locked up 
in their own invention.


David John Greenstreet


Don’t spend your life 
captivated by your phone.


Mary Kirkpatrick


Want to end up like me? 
Addicted to all I see.
Unable to live without my cell.
Hell on earth is where I dwell.  


Frankie Crabtree England


This cell phone 
has become my cell for life; 
for once it sucks you in
there’s no getting out.




Don’t allow 
your cell phone 
to lock you up 
in a CELL alone


Arlene Larocque Jones


Created as a convenience 
but it lured us 
to a life of confinement  


Sherry Greene


We’re locked 
and loaded in our phone,
And this device 
is now our home.  


Shilpika Bagh


Locked in cell; 
spellbound in hell ; 
desperate to be free ; 
“This is not that 
I did choose thee”.


Rinku Shah


Self created prison,
For no reason
You could have walked away,
But chose to stay


Kat Lowenberg


Trending self-induced 


Linda Mansolf 


Captured by technology


Anjana Surendran


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and chat and.. wait
Where have I 
imprisoned my Self.

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