Wisepicks For 27 September

Wisepicks For 27 September1

Lisa Cole


Always thinking ahead 
just puts you farther behind.


Jackie De Klerk


Always striving to reach the next step, 
not experiencing the present, 
will lead to eternal agony.


Shamreen Sethi 


Life gifts us the ‘ present ‘ moment
past or future is nothing 
but a mental torment 
Yet if we are mindful
Life can be beautiful  


Felicia Holmes 


We must live 
in the present moment 
to feel alive.


Rinku Shah


‘What’s next?’ Is the worry
Through the day in a hurry.
Seize the day!
Get out of your own way.
Live in the moment,
Why this daily torment?


Manvi Jain


That’s human nature
Inscrutable creature.
One thing in hand
Another in mind
Waiting for one to end
Forlorn about what’s behind.  


Robin Bitz


A preoccupied mind 
is a wasted life. 
Failing to enjoy the journey.
Hina Jain 
Present seems to be absent,
My mind is wandering for future 
seems like I forget to enjoy 
the moment. 


Terry Martin 
Foreward thinking 
clouds the vision

Taye Providence Adelakin


Steal this moment, 
it’s a gift
Give yourself the present, 
please don’t drift.


Sangeetha Anand


What you want 
What you have
is a battle no one can win.


Arno Kruger 


Destination addiction
is always thinking 
you’ve got to be where
you are not.


Rinku Shah 
Absent from the present

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