Wisepicks For 27 October

Wisepicks For 27 October



We both see the world apart, 
but stay together 
because of our heart.


Ashok Pande


The depth of their love unending.
He is farsighted 
whereas she, myopic.
Opposite poles attract. 


Neha Garcha


Holding hands yet seeking 
for something better, 
“real love rather than being accepted 
got lost in expectation”


David Knight 


together.. yet not.


Sulekha Pande


I looked high and low,
I looked east and west,
I looked north and south,
I found no love anywhere,
while, all I had to do was,
to look by my side,
my soulmate was right there. 


Sulekha Pande


Don’t look for mirages,
notice the obvious messages,
looking for love faraway,
while it smiles within your reach,
hold on to it all the way.  


Asmiya S


They are friends forever
Both of them searching 
for the true love together
Without knowing they’ve already 
fell for each other.  


Sulekha Pande


Love finds us,
when we’re not 
looking for it.


Nalumu Dianah Kiguli 


Love looks Beyond 
what mere Eyes can See


Ann Quek-Hasenauer


Don’t just hold onto someone 
till you find someone better. 
Be fair to yourself 
and your partner.  


Rinku Shah 


Hands held tight,
Searching for what’s right.
Love found us…
Without any fuss!  


Caren Noxon Tritten


Each have individual visions 
but cling to one another 
for what is important: Love.


Debra Pry


I looked everywhere,
High and low.
But your hand in mine,
Was a gift to be bestowed.  


Mary Kirkpatrick


Together we explore 
our horizons.


Doreen Natividad Faytaren


Near and yet so far 
but very close to 
each other’s heart ♥


Sherry Greene


Separately together.


Asmiya S


When you are meant
to be together 
Why are you looking 
for another? 

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