Wisepicks For 27 March

Shilpika Bagh


She hopes
for a ‘fair chance’,
if not takes her ‘stance’.


Sherry Greene


you have power to create
your own boundaries.


Rinku Shah


Women know their priorities,
without any apologies.
Gender equality
is now a reality!


Wayne Kelley


When women
start as equals,
some men
can be intimidated.


Alan Zul


Give me the fair chance
and I’ll show you
who’s boss.


Mercy Aranha


Sorry man.
Don’t underestimate
a woman’s capacities.
She may or may not win,
but she will surely
run the race with you.


Jo Lunde


Outcome is
not the object here,
but choice;
freedom and opportunity
to do so,
if one desires to choose.


Debby Trunnell


Focus on the goal,
not your competitor!


Sandra Wallace


Females are
just as capable
of challenges,
when given
a fair chance.


Ashish Verma


‘I’ have every right
to stand equally
with men in race of life.


Dazzling Light


Don’t let anyone
or anything
hold you back.
Take what’s
rightfully yours.


JoAna Saz


Equity among
gender inequality.


Mazin Faisal Al-Baldawi


Equality is a
great measure
of performance.


Anamika G


She knew
how to stand
against inequality,
She’s definitely won.
Her confidence
is her power.
She strong enough
to face you.


Sulekha Pande


Raise the bar for yourself,
to be at par
with everybody else.


Asmiya S


Male and female
are not created
to race with one another.
No one is inferior here
Only your actions
can determine
your superiority
not your gender.


Arun Manoharan


A fair chance
to a woman means
a better ‘TOMORROW’.


Bran Darius Valdehueza


One for all,
EQUALITY for all.
Team cant be successful,
if one is a sure fool.
makes the DREAM works.


Annette Boyle


Never feel
you are behind.
It is up to us
to run our own race;
no matter the circumstances.


Meyer Ramski


Those destined
to succeed
always take the initiative.

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