Wisepicks For 27 February

Donna McCarthy

A positive mind
will always
point forward.


Amanda Thompson


Follow your intuition
and you’ll always be heading
in the right direction


Jenifer Vize


You can point
the finger all you want,
but there will always be
three pointed back at yourself.


Carrol Sue Cunningham


Always look forward.
It points the way
to success.


Ashish Verma


Positive outlook
towards life
clears the vision
to move forward.


Rinku Shah


When your thoughts
give you a vision,
You will know the right direction.
It will surely guide you,
To discover the new!


Sherry Greene


I’m always thinking


Mercy Aranha


The mind is messed up
with the Blame Game.


Marjie Yule Davitt


Sometimes your mind
is so mixed up,
you have to go
with your gut feeling.
Take time and think again.


Christine Eagle


Your instinct says
go that way.


Annette Boyle


Your mind controls
the direction you take


Debbie Laney


Look inside,
you already know
which way to go.


Marcella Bonner


Projection is
a two way mirror
that reflects back one’s true self,
true reflection


Frankie Crabtree England


No matter what,
always keep moving

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