Wisepicks For 27 December

April Yeager

Chipping away 
at the vanities 
of the material world, 
we now truly see each other.


Laura Smith


When two people join together, 
shed all and every single layer, 
trust enough to make themselves vulnerable 
and completely bare their souls
This is when magic happens


Anjana Surendran


Crafted by wit 
and sculptured by experience 
they led a life of togetherness


Anjana Surendran


Neither the worldly pleasures 
nor the earthly grandeurs 
could question the chastity 
in their love.


Maico Demi Banate Aperocho


A perfect man and a woman 
are crafted not from worldly things 
but from the genuine love 
sculpted by experience 
and togetherness.


Rinku Shah


When the commitment 
to each other is true
Sculpting off layers 
to show the real you,
Is the right thing to do! 


Laurel Meister 


True love can chisel away 
the extraneous details of a relationship 
to uncover and discover 
the real person underneath. 
Only from this point can a real 
and everlasting relationship 
be built upon.


Asmiya S


Real love carves anyone 
into original shape 
from the materialistic misshapes.


Rinku Shah


Shedding layers to reveal
What for years 
we tried to conceal.


Donna McCarthy


Chisel away the outer exterior 
and rid yourself of material nonsense. 
Get to the heart of life.


Shilpika Bagh


When love shapes you; 
such that inner self shines; 
you are in deep love; 
that in itself is divine.


Sabiha Nikhat


They continue carving each other 
until they reach the inner core, 
Then there’s no need 
for any worldly desire, 
Just a soulful affair.


Frankie Crabtree England 


Piece by piece you chip away
All the things I thought would stay
But those things were only temporary 
Although they were all necessary 
For each one led me one step nearer
To the one I hold dear.


Mai Quesada


Bringing out the best in you 
is an expression of true love!


Nthabeleng Mats’oele


Preparing one another 
for a better future


Tushar Sharma


Grateful to the people who sculpt 
“The Best Version of You”


Hasanur Gazi 


A woman makes a man
from a boy
And a man makes a woman
from a girl


Anu Annu


Carving the best 
out of each other


Gage Pike


Though the elements 
will eventually 
mold and erode us 
to our purest states, 
love and trust make for 
an exciting change of pace.


Sulekha Pande 


Sculpting reality,
removing vanity,
reach the soul,
see each other as whole.

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