Wisepicks For 26 September

Wisepicks For 26 September

Wisepicks For 26 September1

Myee Jean Atherton Munns


Empty words may raise you high
As you hold on tight for dear life
But empty words carry no weight
Away you fly, to another’s fate.


Dannielle Roberts 


Carried Away 
by my thoughts


Sheila Cotterall 


I’ll hold on to your empty words, 
while you watch me float away


Anindya J Ganguly


Riding on the bloated balloon of my moated muse
I fly away from the hanging cliff where dead end brews.
The Confundus Charm fails to closet me in its sleeve 
As I escape this maze of a mirage & thus leave.
Away into the wild to pursue my daffodil of dreams 
For life is one to die, for life is one to live
Sketched on a white canvas, floating with the bohemian breeze.
O’ stagnated mundaneness, I live; in freedom, I breathe. 


Sherry Greene


I needed to say something
To give you an earful
So I jumped off the cliff
No longer so fearful.
I said what I needed
And I did so, you see
By freeing my words
I liberated me.  


Kat Lowenberg


Words can carry you, 
but strike you down just the same. 
They can pierce your heart, 
even if it was just a game. 
You can hold on to them tight, 
or give them some gurth
But, in the end, your whispers 
show your true worth.  


Rinku Shah 


Hold on tight,
As we take flight.
My thoughts, my words
Liberate me like soaring birds! 




Imagination can take you
anywhere you want it to


Carol K. Renison


Where will my thoughts
take me today?


Jill Perrie


Getting carried away
with my thoughts of you.


Felicia Holmes


On this ledge, 
I refuse to stay.
I allow my thoughts
to carry me away. 

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