Wisepicks For 26 October



She succumbed 
to the smile she received.
But it was too late 
before she realized
that by death 
she had been deceived.  

Kasturi Basu
All of me is for all of you! 
Darling, we shall rise
 from the ashes and 
Love will take us through.

Sharon Shain 
Maybe if you removed the mask
you’d realize that 
the monster in me 
craves the monster in you

Neha Garcha
The worst kind of addiction 
is being addicted to a face 
with no soul.

Debra Pry
You may be naked to the eye,
But your soul doesn’t lie.
Take off the mask,
And quit Digging Up 
Bones of the past. 
Because in the end,
We all want love that will last.  

Debra Pry
Take off the mask, 
because I see 
right through you.

Vibhavari Bhushan
Chin up, don’t cry my girl
Love is immortal as soul. 
Even if I’m withered
I smile at you
Never think it’s fake. 
Our souls are naked and pure
One day they’ll be one for sure.

Kawaljit Singh 
Demons haunt my thoughts
Devouring my sense of comfort
Preying on my hopes and dreams
I scream for relief
But am answered with laugher
They laugh at my dismay
As I fall further into insanity  

Sherry Greene
We do have more in common 
than meets the eye.
Drop that fake face. 
I love you as you are, guy.
My soul is naked before you, you see,
Let’s drop all pretense. 
Our hearts will be free.  

Sulekha Pande 
The evil intentions were hidden 
behind a smiling mask, 
she was innocent and guileless,
gave in to his charms 
and failed to unmask…  

Sulekha Pande
The fake smile stays on,
even after the body’s long gone. 

Moxad Thaker
She said : Don’t get too close. 
It’s dark inside 
it’s where my demons hide.”
And he whispered 
“get too close it’s hell inside me. 
It’s where your demons thrive ”  

Flesh or bone, 
we all feel alone.

Chitamfya Chulumanda
Whilst he suffers more 
he still tries to make her feel better

Alvin Lavigne
We are nothing more 
like an absurd drama

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