Wisepicks For 26 November

Felicia Holmes


If we choose to hold onto 
the ghosts of the past,
we can never fully 
be present. 


Mary Kirkpatrick


When you behave 
like a twisted sister,
You’ll never be satisfied 
with any mister! 


Jacquie McCann


If your still holding on 
with a foot in the past,
chances are you are not 
walking in the present


Belinda Stott


You must let go of the past 
to find a better tomorrow.


Aracely Sanchez


The harsh reality 
of being in a relationship 
but in love with someone else.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Trying to live in the present 
when the past won’t let you go


Arlene Larocque Jones


The dearly departed 
are never gone
even when you’ve moved on. 


Debra Pry


Having someone
halfway there,
Is no relationship.


Arlene Larocque Jones


Shadows of the past
will linger 
Future happiness 
it will hinder


Ann Doherty 


When he died she thought 
she would never love again, 
now she has found new love 
but still feels love for her departed love 


Mary Kirkpatrick 


Loving someone long departed, 
tends to keep you broken hearted.
Twist about, and look around
Everywhere love can be found.  


Chinhita Bose


A tale of love twisted by time
U, me and he
There is no sin
there is no crime.

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